About Lustre and the Team 

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Lustre Ltd is a industry leader at the forefront of restoration care treatments as the green alternative for replacement and environmentally friendly solutions to natural stone, tile, engineered stone, man made products porcelain and grout.

We are not a franchise. We are a New Zealand based company committed to courtesy, professionalism, customer satisfaction and enviromentally friendly solutions. This commitment has resulted in our remarkable record of success and the prosperity of our company and our clients. Lustre Ltd operates in New Zealand and Australasia.

Our experience and proven track record have allowed us the opportunity to work on many of the super yachts and private jets that require refurbishment.

Lustre are the Dry Treat Agents and Clearstone Agents in New Zealand.

 Our team, lead by director Dino Gagas, who is widely acknowledged in the market as a leading source of expertise and intellectual property, has accumulated decades of experience both domestically and internationally. Therefore we are able to provide a wide range of technical and practical solutions for all of your natural stone requirements.

Our manager Donovan Ryan has been involved in many of Auckland's major restoration projects including St Matthews in the City, Britomart and Auckland Museum. As well as working on a number of large commercial cladding jobs, he has also contributed to a great number of domestic installations ranging from new bench tops to Antique French fire surrounds. 

Our Sales Manager Niki Phillips has extensive experience in all aspects of natural stone refurbishment from residential, commercial, super yachts and private planes, which requires an eye to detail and care. He is regarded as one of best in-situ stone refurbishes in New Zealand. His technical knowledge and expertise are helping clients from commercial, domestic, manufactures, architects and interior decorators to stone and tile companies.

Our knowledgeable stone technicians are all accustomed to working in a clean, professional manner, and always ensure that their work is of the utmost quality.

The staff of Lustre are hired with a previous experience in the natural stone industry such as stone masons, manufacturing, Bench top and vanity installers, super yacht marble fit outs, and have received unique and specialised restoration training from Lustre, geology courses, water proofing systems.

We are often called to rectify natural stone where “cleaners” Home owners and other RESTORATION COMPANIES have damaged the surface of the stone by utilizing incorrect cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment and have applied incorrect sealers for the type of material.

All is not lost! Lustre restoration services can repair the damage and restore the marble to its former glory or better.

Here are examples of restoration companies failed attempts. The saying "A little bit of knowledge is dangerous" is so true in stone restoration.

Sebel Hotel

Cleaners utilised an acid based product to clean Pearl black granite. A restoration company applied a surface sealer a failed attempt to camouflage the damage.



Basalt tiles were not cleaned prior to applying a sealer. Incorrect sealer and application marks of the product is clearly seen.          



We have noticed that other restoration companies tend to just ‘quote’ – that is, they give you a price and that’s all…as if the price is the only thing worth considering when doing restoration work on your property.
Your stone is an investment. Why risk an inferior job by non-specialist tradesmen, when you can have experts working for you, offering real solutions and peace of mind?

With that in mind, here are the four most important reasons to deal with Lustre.

You will not be kept waiting and we will arrive within the agreed time.

We will look after your property and possessions as if they were our own and we undertake to clean up your property and remove all rubbish when we are finished.

You will always be able to seek our advice or an explanation on any part of our service and we will always do our best to give you best value for the money.

Through quality workmanship we bring pride to your property.