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 ENHANCE-PLUS™ is a breathable semi-surface treatment which provides a lasting enrichment of colour and water-based stains protection for concrete, terracotta tile, cast stone, pavers, limestone, brick, marble, granite, sandstone, terrazzo and grout. Treated indoor and outdoor surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer.

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Typical applications: ENHANCE-PLUS™ is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including building facades, floors, walls, patios, garages, kitchens and entertaining areas.

Benefits: ENHANCE-PLUS™ provides deep enrichment of natural colour; hides scratches, efflorescence and imperfections; repels stains and soiling for easier cleaning; is able to make surfaces more resistant to acid etching; is ideal for indoor or outdoor use; has up to 90 per cent water exclusion vs control after 24 hours immersion (ASTM C 642 and ASTM C 67) and 86 per cent water exclusion vs control after 3 days immersion (NCHRP 244); on concrete pavers is classified as class W - low risk of slipping when surface wet (AS/NZS.4586); is suitable for alkaline and neutral substrates; and is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Warranty: Dry Treat offers a 5-YEAR PERFORMANCE WARRANTY when ENHANCE-PLUS™ is applied by a Dry Treat accredited applicator (lustre) following our written instructions and maintained regularly using our recommended maintenance system. Spills should still be cleaned up immediately to minimise absorption.

Application rate: Total application rate is approximately one litre per five to 10 sq. metres (50 to 100 sq. feet per quart) depending on absorption.

Pack Size of:1quart (946ml) 1gallon (3.79Lt)

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