Fireplace restoration repair

 marble, limestone, sandstone, Hinuera, granite

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Natural Stone fireplace Restoration in compasses. Deep clean, seal, stain removal, soot removal, gum removal, etch removal, scratch removal, chip repair, crack repair, resurface, polish, hone, removal and installation.

Lustre has mastered the art in this highly specialised field of natural stone fireplace restoration including antique fireplaces which cleans, renews, refurbishes, repairs, refinishes and preserves natural stone to its former glory or better, along with an attention to detail service that is second to none. 


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Marble Fireplace Restored 

This Nero marquina marble fireplace has lost its lustre, and required special attention to restore to its former glory. Due to the severity of  the damage that the fireplace had sustained, we were required to remove it and restore it at our factory. The restoration required us to fill chips and cracks, remove scratches and etches, remove stains and re-polish.


             Marble Fireplace                   Dull and scratched              Dull and chipped        


               Dull and worn              Fireplace removed to be restored              Fill chips


         Polishing in Progress                         Fill Chips                   Surround Restored


             Base installed                         Mantel restored                Fire surround installed 


        Mantel Installed               Nero Marquina Marble Fireplace restored and Installed 

Your natural stone will sustain its inherent beauty and durability for decades. However it must be clear that if an ongoing maintenance care system is not put into practice, not only can the aesthetics of the investment in the stone and the design be lost, but it can also become an expensive liability.

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