Graffiti Removal and Anti Graffiti Treatments

marble, Travertine, natural stone, sandstone, Travertine, terrazzo and engineered stone. 

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Lustre is able to remove graffiti, scratches and etching from concrete glass or natural stone, from commercial walls and windows or from your private residence. Our graffiti removal treatment not only removes the surface graffiti but deeply draws out the graffiti that has penetrated into the pores of the material. 


Graffiti has existed since ancient times. In Ancient Greece invaders scratched their names into the marble of the Parthenon with their daggers. Unfortunately such practices are still evident today, only permanent markers, spray paint, pocket knives and keys are the usual means of facilitation for tagging.



Removing graffiti quickly is the key to deter vandals for further tagging. This process can be made much easier by applying an anti-graffiti protection barrier or an anti-graffiti glass film to mediums prone to regular attack, ensuring that the removal of offensive material can be facilitated relatively quickly and cheaply.


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