Grout haze removal from marble, cobblestones, pavers

floor tiles, wall tiles, shower grout, pavers, shower base, bathroom tiles.

All grout haze problems are caused by insufficient cleaning procedures and not pre-sealing the material.

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Lustre grout removal treatments range from chemical to mechanical removal. Depending on the material and surface texture, polished, honed, combed, cobblestones, pavers the correct methodology is required not to damage the material.


Removal of grout haze on delicate material such as marble requires an understanding of the composition of the material, knowledge of chemicals and deep cleaning techniques that will remove grout haze which will not damage the marble. Due to the vast number and variety of marble material, whether it is black marble, green marble, white marble, the correct marble care treatment is a specialised area of service.

Textured finishes such as cobblestones, combed, require a variety of methodologies and all depends on the thickness of the grout contaminate.


At lustre our primary goal in removing grout haze off natural stone is to maintain it’s integrity and make sure that no harm is done in the short or long term to the material.

While striving to employ the most environmentally-friendly products and by utilising different tailored methodologies Lustre Deep dirt extraction, Lustre marble aqua power clean, Lustre Deep clean and Lustre clean marble & capture methods, we can bring the lustre back to your particular natural stone.

We are often called to rectify marble floor tiles that “cleaners” and other “restoration companies” have damaged the surface of the stone by utilizing incorrect cleaning chemicals, cleaning techniques and sealers. All is not lost Lustre marble restoration service can repair the damage and restore the marble.

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