Historical Monuments Restoration

marble, limestone, sandstone, Hinuera, granite

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Lustre has mastered the art in this highly specialised field of historical monuments restoration which renews, refurbishes, repairs, refinishes and preserves natural stone to its former glory or better, along with an attention to detail service that is second to none.

At lustre our primary goal in monumental natural stone restoration is to maintain it’s integrity and make sure that no harm is done in the short or long term to the material. While striving to employ the most environmentally-friendly products and by utilising different tailored methodologies.


Each monument is different, due to the vast number and variety of material (e.g marble, limestone, sandstone, granite) and the various surface finishes and the various problems to restore.

Determining the correct treatments is a specialised area of service, which falls outside the bounds of commercial and domestic Natural Stone Restoration Companies.


These monuments are sacred and should be respected, due to the age of the material it requires an understanding of the composition of the material, knowledge of chemicals, compouds and techniques that will restore the material without damaging the material in the short or long term.

We at Lustre work very close to a variety of chemists, that can manufacture tailored made chemicals such as Powder poultices, liquid poultices, cleaners, sealers, to the specification of what the material is required to be restored and preserved.

We provide a wide range of technical and practical solutions for the rectification and protection of hard surfaces that have sustained damage by penetration, abrasion and other types of visual and physical damage

Lustre Ltd working injunction with geologists and historical architects, work very close together to produce detail technical reports, including strenuous tests before any restoration work commences on historical buildings. These reports and test are vital and have saved millions of taxpayers money to date.


We are often called to rectify natural stone where Builders and other RESTORATION COMPANIES have damaged the surface of the stone by utilizing incorrect chemicals, cleaning equipment and have applied incorrect sealers, fillers and adhesives for the type of material.

All is not lost! Lustre restoration services can repair the damage and restore the marble to its former glory or better.

Here are examples of restoration companies failed attempts. The saying "A little bit of knowledge is dangerous" is so true in stone restoration.

 Auckland City Town Hall

This stone was tagged and we were called in to demonstrate that Lustre graffitti removal treatment will remove the graffiti without damaging the stone.


We were called back a couple days by a very anoyed Auckland city official who engaged a Auckland based natural stone restoration company to remove the graffiti. The only reason why they engaged other is due to price. What we found was shocking the stone face had been blown off from high pressure blasting.

All is not lost! Lustre restoration services repaired the damage and restored the limestone to its former glory.


Natural stone will sustain its inherent beauty and durability for decades. However it must be clear that if an ongoing maintenance care system is not put into practice, not only can the aesthetics of the investment in the stone and the design be lost, but it can also become an expensive liability.

For more information about this service contact us to make a no obligation appointment. To ensure the best possible standard of customer satisfaction and communication our specialists meet personally on site with every client to formally assess their needs in the first instance and develop an itemized proposal and quotation detailing the recommended procedure.