Klen NZ International Stone Care


Lustre Ltd are professional sealer applicators of Klen International Stone Care Sealers. Each product is specially formulated to help make caring for your stone easy.

KLEN International (74) Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned and operated company. KLEN was established in Perth, W.A. in 1974 and entered the market manufacturing chemicals and surface coatings for the building and paving industries. Since those early days KLEN has become one of the largest suppliers of stonecare products for the slate, terracotta, concrete, clay, limestone, natural stone and porcelain paver markets across Australia.

Please contact Lustre to make a no obligation appointment with a Lustre representative. To ensure the best possible standard of customer satisfaction and communication our specialists meet personally on site with every client to formally assess their needs in the first instance and develop an itemized proposal and quotation detailing the recommended procedure.