Resurfacing marble, Limestone Natural stone.

floor tiles, walls, benchtop, vanity, shower base, marble pavers, bathroom tiles and tables.

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There is a variety of treatments we offer to resurface your marble, limestone, granite, natural stone and pavers. These treatments enhance the aesthetic features of the material as an ornamental function and as a safety non-slip function.

We can divide the finishes into mechanical, impact and chemical treatments.

Mechanical Treatments


Honing marble is a process whereby removes a stone’s polish leaving it with a matt finish. The benefit of having a hone finish is etch marks, scratches are not that visible, and helps with slip resistance in wet areas.


Polishing marble is a process of working the stone through a variety of abrasive grades to achieve the desired polished of your choice low lustre (egg shell), semi-gloss (satin), or high gloss finish.


Brushed finish is obtained by applying hard plastic or metal brushes to the stone surface. The heavily action removes the softer part of the stone and wears out the surface, giving it a look similar to that of antique finishing.

Impact Treatments 


Sand-blasting is obtained by a high-pressure jet siliceous sand is applied to the area to be treated. It produces a smooth abrasion, leaving the material slightly scratched on the surface, but not rugged. The colour tones and the veins are a bit dulled.

Shot blasting

Shot blasting is obtained by a high-pressure jet steel shot is applied to the area to be treated. It produces a rougher abrasion then sand blasting, leaving the material scratched on the surface, but not rugged. The colour tones and the veins are a bit dulled.

Chemical Treatments

Acid washing

Acid washing has a corrosive action on the stone. It can be used to obtain different effects depending on the material, the chemical, and finally, the processing time. Finishes can range from simple superficial cleaning of the material to a more definite ruggedness. Acid washing is sometimes used to obtain an antique finish in place of the impact method. It is possible to acid wash already cut pieces or, with appropriate precautions, already installed ones.

Protective treatments

Protective treatments are all those treatments that are used to protect the material surface from external elements. Among them are hydro- and oil-repellent treatments used to seal kitchen countertops, anti-graffiti treatments to avoid damage caused by vandalism, and products that give a wet appearance to flamed stone. These products are often the final protection given to finished and installed stone.

Combination of treatments

Brushed hammered

Brushed hammered is obtained by hitting the material surface mechanically or by hand with a specific multi pointed tool. This method creates a rugged surface full of little grazes at the impact points, and it modifies the colour, making it lighter. Then to complete the surface finish we brush the material with diamond brushes.

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