Tile and Grout Restoration

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Your tile and grout is dirty, stained, discoloured, and tired looking from years of use, or improper use of cleaning products or procedures.

Lustre tile and Grout restoration incompasses Deep clean grout and tile, seal, stain removal, crack repair, grout colour seal, grout removal and installation.

After days of being on your hands and knees, scrubbing and cleaning, using NEW wonder quick fix cleaning products, when the grout dries your still are unhappy. Harsh cleaners such as acids, bleach, vinegar, window cleaners, have corroded the grout making cleaning even more difficult and have damaged or stained the marble in the process.



In wet places such as showers - mould, mildew, algae, bacteria, fungus, and spores thrive in moist, un-circulating air where they bind to the grout joints and silicon joints. Household cleaners only clean the surface but do not kill the underlying problem. Lustre mould and spore killer is the answer.

Where your tile and grout contain a build up of efflorescence , calcium, lime scale in your shower or outdoors - we can remove it.

Lustre Care System and our specially designed products contain agents that will prolong resistance to efflorescence , calcium and lime scale.

Lustre-Deep clean and deep dirt extraction treatment not only removes the surface dirt but deeply draws out the dirt, deep within the pores of the grout.

Once cleaned the next step is to protect the grout from staining utilising Lustre Grout-Seal Stain Stop.

Some stains and discolouration are permanent, particularly in grout that has never been sealed. Lustre Coloursealing & Re-colour or Lustre Grout Restoration Treatments are the solution - Renewing existing tile and grout to its former glory and beauty.

With the implementation of Lustre– grout care system which consists of deep clean, grout seal stain stop or Lustre colourseal your grout and tile surface will look at its best and no more hands and knees scrubbing. However it must be clear that if an ongoing maintenance care system is not put into practice, an investment can be wasted. For your convenience we can keep your surfaces lustrous with Lustre’s grout maintenance service.

For more information about this service please contact us to make a no obligation appointment with a Lustre representative. To ensure the best possible standard of customer satisfaction and communication our specialists meet personally on site with every client to formally assess their needs in the first instance and develop an itemized proposal and quotation detailing the recommended procedure.