Surface Topical Sealer Barrier Coating Marble Floors Protector

for sandstone, marble, limestone, terra cotta, slate, hinuera, ceramic tiles, porcelain, concrete, terrazzo, Rover agglomerate 

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Lustre surface topical sealers, extends the wear of your material, reduce marks and scratches, including guarding against acidic spills and stain penetration. With Lustre stone and tile care system which is tailored designed to suit to your application. Makes routine cleaning so much easier.

Lustre clients have the luxury of choosing their own surface finish to fit to their overall design matt, semi-gloss or high gloss finish.

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There are different topical sealers that are used for specific applications:

Lustre Gloss Coatingis a specifically formulated to totally protect floor surfaces, with an attractive flawless high gloss finish appearance. It is easy to maintain, hard wearing, stain resistant, non yellowing and environmentally friendly.

Lustre Satin Coating a semi-gloss floor finish appearance, designed for the protection of the natural surface finish on polished and honed surfaces.

Lustre Matt Coating an egg shell floor finish appearance, designed for the protection of the natural surface finish on polished and honed surfaces.

Lustre Polish Protectorfor vanity, bench top, bar top, table and fireplace

Lustre Hard Floor Protector designed for hard wearing surfaces such as your garage, warehouse, tool shop, driveways (internal and external application).

Lustre Pro Film for monuments, statues, garden furniture, which inhibit a whole range of contaminates and protects the material from the elements and pollutants.

Lustre Anti Graffiti for external walls require extra protection that does not darken the material. 

The truth of the matter is if you don’t utilise a certified professional sealer applicator such as Lustre you are usually throwing your money down the drain. Ask your sealer applicator for a copy of his certification, it is better to be sure then sorry.

When a topical coating is applied the maintenance program shifts from Stone and tile care system to the maintenance program of the sealer such as routine cleaning, stripping and reapplication.

Lustre offers our clients when initial work is completed, the correct cleaning products, and accessories with a tailored instructions for proper care and maintenance guide which includes care tips.

With a clear understanding of Lustre - Surface Sealer Care System your natural stone will sustain their inherent beauty and durability for decades. However it must be clear that if a surface sealer care system is not put into practice, not only can the aesthetics of the stone and the design be lost, but also an investment can be wasted and become an expensive liability.

For more information about this service please contact us to make a no obligation appointment with a Lustre representative. To ensure the best possible standard of customer satisfaction and communication our specialists meet personally on site with every client to formally assess their needs in the first instance and develop an itemized proposal and quotation detailing the recommended procedure.