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CONCRÈME™ is a specialist civil engineering product - the ultimate sealing technology for the protection of engineering concrete and masonry from damage caused by water and water bourne salts.

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Permanent bonding silanes have been routinely used across the globe for almost 50 years, as the best protective sealer for large concrete structures, particularly in salt water and de-icing salt environments. Silanes do however produce VOC emissions (alcohol) during the bonding process so their use is being curtailed. California and Hong Kong are two places where use of silanes has been restricted with serious implications for the maintenance of large expensive concrete structures such as bridges, wharfs and highways.

CONCRÈME™ is a new technology - the worlds only low VOC, permanent bonding silane which passes California's new world best practice VOC guideline.

CONCRÈME™ is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including marine infrastructure such as wharves and jetties, road and rail bridge decks, building facades, car parks and swimming pool surrounds. It is an ideal product for the preservation of infrastructure.


Treated exposed surfaces become easier to maintain and keep looking good for longer.

CONCRÈME™ is applied in a single easy application - ideal for windy conditions.

Able to repel water and chloride ion (79 per cent reduction after 3 day immersion to NCHRP Report 244); non film-forming; deep penetration - 14 mm into concrete pavers giving protection against weather and traffic

Able to work without changing the appearance or frictional properties of the surface - keeps the original look; a non-drip gel to keep application control

Is able to breathe so there is no build-up of subsurface moisture - allowing it dry out and reducing electro-potential reinforcement corrosion

Very alkali resistant - won't breakdown in contact in high alkaline cement-based materials.

Already contains enough water for the silane crosslinking reactions - avoids the possible evaporation of active ingredients in very dry concrete

Able to seal hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm (0.012 in.)

Can be applied to previously impregnated surfaces and may be overcoated

Avoids the formation of unsightly efflorescence and freeze-thaw spalling

It is not a surface coating like epoxy, polyurethane or acrylic, so it will not flake, yellow or peel 

Warranty: Dry treat offers a 15-YEAR PERFORMANCE WARRANTY when CONCRÈME™ is applied by an accredited applicator following our written instructions and tested by us. 

Application rates: One quart per 30 sq.ft. (1 litre per 3 sq.m.) depending on surface absorption and depth of impregnation required. 

Pack Size 2.5 Gal (9.6Lt)

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