Calcification Removal

from natural stone, tiles and grout.


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Calcium build-up is unsightly whitish crusty material, that ruins the beauty and elegance of the once attractive and clean surface.


In extreme cases the calcification can obscure the surface and the crystallisation can cause erosion and pitting.

Since first impressions are always lasting, it’s worth preventing calcification problems from the start.


A good water-proofing system that is installed on the substrate after screeding to achieve the appropriate falls, utilising adhesives with trowel marks leading to the drain, the correct drainage system is vital. And finally a good penetrating sealer is essential.

The art of professionally removing calcification is to utilise the correct product for the task it must perform to a particular type of stone, internal and external application have different methodology.


 Lustre calcification removal system is tailored made procedures are designed not to damage the material in the short term or long term. 


We are often called to rectify natural stone that, Home owners and other “restoration companies” have damaged the surface of the stone by utilizing incorrect cleaning chemicals and cleaning techniques. All is not lost Lustre stone care systems can repair the damage and restore the material.

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