Sealing Terracotta Tiles penetrating or topical coating surface gloss or matt.

Sealing Terracotta is an art that Lustre has mastered.

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Lustre utilizes a whole range of sealing products for sealing Terracotta. Weather you want stain guard or a topical barrier coating (matt, semi gloss or high gloss).


The art of professionally sealing Terracotta is to utilise the correct sealer for the task it must perform, to a particular type of application. e.g commercial or residential, Internal or external terracotta, pool pavers, fire hearth etc.

The application of a Teracotta sealer, gives your stone a fighting chance, to give you enough time to remove any spillages before they stain your terracotta. Sealers are not, water-proofing system nor are they bullet proof. It is similar to scotch guarding your sofa.

Terracotta Sealer Products      

Lustre stain stop is a premium penetrating breathable sealer which has excellent stain inhibiter properties.

Lustre nano seal. It is environmentally friendly. Excellent stain resistance.

Lustre enhancement stain stop,can bring out the magnificent natural colours of your marble or natural stone and at the same time protect your investment from staining.

Lustre topical sealers aid to the design of a room which the stone can be transformed to a matt, semi-gloss or high gloss.

Terracott is porous and when not sealed with the appropriate sealer will stain the once beautiful and elegant material. Lustre stain removal will remove the stain permanently leaving your surface as new.

There are many different types of sealers on the market, however they will differ mainly in how much protection they offer (measured in the time they will protect and the range of contaminates they will repel).

The low cost products will measure protection in minutes against a small range of contaminants while the premium products will afford much greater protection (measured in hours) against a quite exhaustive range of contaminants.        

Incorrect sealers applied

Here are some examples when your natural stone has been applied by the incorrect sealer for the type of application. If you have any of these or any other problems Lustre stripping or Lustre restoration renews, refurbishes, repairs, refinishes and preserves Terracotta to its former glory.                

Before sealing, Lustre utilizes different tailored methodologies depending on the condition of the material. Lustre deep clean and Deep dirt extraction, Lustre marble aqua power clean, and Lustre clean marble & capture methods not only removes the surface dirt but deeply draws out the stains and dirt deep within the pores of the terracotta.

Lustre offers our clients when initial work is completed, the correct cleaning products, and accessories with a tailored instructions for proper care and maintenance guide which includes care tips.

With a clear understanding of Lustre - Terracotta care system your tile will sustain their inherent beauty and durability for decades. However it must be clear that if a stone care system is not put into practice, not only can the aesthetics of the stone and the design be lost, but also an investment can be wasted and become an expensive liability.

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