Enhance Wet Look Penetrating Sealer Treatments for

marble, limestone, granite, flagstone, pavers, slate, stone, sandstone, terazzo, honed, acid washed, sandblasted, tumbled, brushed or flammed finish. 

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Lustre wet look colour enhancement stain stop, can bring out the magnificent natural colours of your marble or natural stone and at the same time protect your investment from staining.

At Lustre you have the luxury of choosing your own look to fit to your overall design without changing the texture of your stone.

Lustre wet look - deeply highlights the inner depth of the stone.

lustre Antique – gives a warm worn rustic look.

Lustre Light-Enhance- it tickles the natural colour of the stone.

Lustre Colour treatment -do you want to add a shade of another colour to your stone or want to change the colour of your textured or porous stone or paving.

All these sealers applications are for external and internal including wet areas such as your bathroom, shower area or pool area.

Lustre offers our clients when initial work is completed, the correct cleaning products, and accessories with a tailored instructions for proper care and maintenance guide which includes care tips.

With a clear understanding of Lustre - stone Care System your natural stone will sustain their inherent beauty and durability for decades. However it must be clear that if a stone care system is not put into practice, not only can the aesthetics of the stone and the design be lost, but also an investment can be wasted and become an expensive liability.

For more information about this service please contact us to make a no obligation appointment with a Lustre representative. To ensure the best possible standard of customer satisfaction and communication our specialists meet personally on site with every client to formally assess their needs in the first instance and develop an itemized proposal and quotation detailing the recommended procedure.