Chemical damage

too natural stone or tile


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Chemical damage to natural stone can be caused by numerous events. Typically it results from prolonged exposure to acid based products (e.g. Coca Cola, fruit juice or lemon juice) or the application of unsuitable cleaning materials. Damage of this nature can also be caused by bird and pet droppings, the prolonged exposure of marble to the elements, or the use of inappropriate stone sealers, tile adhesives, silicone’s, additives in screeds and grouts or from re-crystallisation polishing.


 Acid damaged to pool pavers             Lemon juice etched             Wine on limestone

The damage can be categorised surface damage or penetration damage.

Surface damage is visible damage to the surface of the material such as polish that is removed, ring marks, white spots, dull etched areas or mop marks. Lustre etch removal treatment can be used to remove such damage.

Penetration damage occurs when an impervious surface sealer is used to protect a natural stone that does not allow the material to breath. So if the stone gets wet, a condensate can develop inside of the stone that cannot escape. The material will turn milky white in colour initially and over time a chemical change can affect the cementing agent in the stone and the stone will begin to break down. (For this reason surface sealers should not be utilised in wet areas). Lustre stripping and Lustre resurfacing can be used to restore stone affected by Penetration damage.


                  Paint spill                        Rust metal container              Acid based cleaner

Another form of Penetration damage can occur when re-crystallisation polishing is used to enhance the appearance of a natural stone. Such a treatment chemically modifies the material to produce a hard crystal shell on the surface and a glossier appearance, but over time the procedure will depletes the calcium content of the marble and the stone deteriorates. Lustre care treatments can restore such stone.

Special Note:

If Hydrochloric acid or any other acid or chemical is used to clean stone the potential exists for Chemical damage. And in the event these products are accidentally spilled take immediate action to remove all acids and rinse the area where product has been spilled to neutralise. Do not let pets or children in the area and remove shoes before entering other areas to avoid spreading the contaminate further. Call Lustre for assistance as soon as practical. 

Chemical damage to natural stone requires professional assessment to determine the most appropriate solution and rectify

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