Lustre IC Clearstone Coating Product Care and Maitenance

The following instructions are important for the care of Lustre IC CLEARSTONE coating Surfaces.

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The coating needs to be treated with care as sharp knives and kitchen utensils and abrasive (e.g pot or nylon scourer, including products that contain abrasives, scouring powders, creams, etc) will cause scratching of the surface. A cutting board is strongly recommended.

It is not recommended that you take hot pots straight of a hotplate or out of an oven and place them directly onto the surface. The Clearstone has fire/heat resistant chemical added and will withstand considerable amount of heat but we recommend you use a heat resistant pad or board on top of the surface. If it does become damaged it can be repaired by Lustre Ltd.

Clean the surface on a regular basis with a mild detergents (palmolive dishwashing liquid, windex glass cleaner or Mr Sheen) and warm water utilizing a clean, non-abrasive cloth or sponge.

For high Gloss Finish use a clean soft cloth

Scratches, Scuffs marks and chips can be repaired by Lustre Ltd

Under no circumstances should metal or razor scrapers be used for cleaning the surface.

While the Clearstone surface is very chemical resistant, aggressive chemicals or sealants should not be allowed to contact the coating, without first checking their compatibility with the surface. Either by contacting Lustre Ltd or testing a small area to confirm that the Chemical is not likely to have any adverse effects to the appearance and/or the clarity of the finish.

Should the coated surface become scratched and/or “tired looking” it may be re-finished by Lustre Ltd.

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